semi-permanent make-up


semi-permanent make-up

We can give you the perfect ‘all ready made up party look with no effort’ in our beautiful dedicated consultation room. Consisting of eyebrows, eyeliner and lip colour semi-permanent make-up.



What a difference a brow makes. Relaxing on the beach, swimming, gym? no need to worry about your eyebrows! Spmu make-up won’t wash off, smudge or run. No pencil required thanks to semi-permanent make-up. Subtle and delicate brow enhancement. Semi-Permanent brows usually require a top-up 4-6 weeks later. Most ladies then top up again around 12-18 months to keep in tip top condition. Charges are per session. Really natural brows last indefinitely with annual colour boost. Must be over 18 years and in good health.



Give your lips maximum definition with a full semi-permanent lip colour treatment. If you no longer wish to use lipstick, or want that rosy youthful glow back, this is the perfect treatment. A full lip colour is a must for irregularly shaped, pale or poorly defined lips.
The treatment can be done using one colour, shaded through the lips to create a fuller looking lip. Wide selection of colours.



Eyeliner you’ve always dreamed of…no smudge, run, wash off or letting you down. Whether you would like a heavier fully made up effect or soft natural line to enhance the eye colour, this treatment offers a wide range of choice. A fine line through the top, bottom or both, we can give your eyes the definition they deserve. Beautiful eyes all day every day. Eyeliner looks great day or night. Top ups are usually required 4-6 weeks later and charges are per session. Must be over 18 yrs and in good health.Upper and Lower Eye Liner.

  • No need to worry about removing your make-up each time.

  • Enjoy a perfectly made-up face each day when you wake, step out of the shower and at the end of a busy day.

  • Look your best all the time with no need to re-apply your make-up.

  • Keep your youthful looks without any invasive surgery.

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